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Future of Indian Economy in Post Covid-19 World

"Buddha did not set out to found a world religion. He set out to understand why one suffers. I

learned that only through living life's ups and downs can you develop empathy; that in order not to suffer, or at least not to suffer so much, one must become comfortable with impermanence." - Satya Nadella

The coronavirus has rapidly made "business as usual" a phrase from the distant past. There is no "usual" in this uncertain time. But "leaders" outmanoeuvre uncertainty, create a resilience they can count on, no matter the changes that come and succeed. Business is now about improving the quality of life of everyone in a sustainable and inclusive way.

To contribute to the ongoing reforms agenda and create conditions for capitalising the potential opportunities, FICCI and KAS have brought together this compendium of essays. The eminent authors contributing to this publication have set an excellent framework that can contribute to the evolving strategic plan of action for India's growth and development. The essays provide several innovative suggestions covering a wide gamut of areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, digital economy, media and entertainment, healthcare, start-ups, as well as macro-policies and international diplomacy.

India has many inherent strengths from the vibrancy of our industry, to the strength of our

leadership, our educated and hard-working middle class and our high potential youth. Together, we can ensure that India reaches its rightful place in the world and emerges as a strong economy and an enlightened nation. This is our "Inspired India".

Please find the publication below:

Download PDF • 3.81MB


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