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About the Organisation

The India New Zealand Business Council [INZBC] is the premier trade organisation in New Zealand, which has been working for over 25 years to build trade relations between India & New Zealand.

Since 1988, the India New Zealand Business Council (INZBC) has promoted and encouraged trade in goods and services, investment, scientific, technical and economic cooperation between India and New Zealand. INZBC is a member-based independent organisation, not-for-profit incorporated society, which exists for three purposes:

  • To lobby and inform government on trade-related matters

  • To disseminate information and know-how on doing business between the two countries

  • To facilitate business development on behalf of members through leveraging networks



INZBC is run by industry leaders of New Zealand, who have years of experience in this sphere, thereby becoming the key stake-holders for International Trade Development of India & NZ.


INZBC has been recognised as the main industry body by both the governments of India & NZ. Almost all of the visiting delegations of Govt. of India have been hosted by INZBC, and we have organised networking events for them. The most recent being an ICT delegation from the state of Kerela.


With over 160 members spanning across various industries, like agriculture, horticulture, dairy, infrastructure, finance, education, tax planning, etc.; the members form the main-stay of corporate leaders of New Zealand.


INZBC holds regular industry events, calling upon specialists and ministers, representatives of NZTE, MFAT,etc. for meaningful dialogues within the business community.


Under the able leadership of the current executive committee, INZBC celebrated it's 25th Anniversary, in May 2014, with a day-long Summit and gala dinner. This was attended by the Prime Minister of NZ, Rt. Hon. John Key, The Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Ravi Thapar among other dignitaries. The PM also released a commemorative stamp acknowledging the  work done by INZBC.


INZBC strives to help the industry to engage, interact and grow together. 

Event Reports

Event Reports
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