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India Strategy: Investing for the future

Spotlight: Duco Consultancy

In today’s environment, organisations must rethink and reshape their strategic ambitions and deploy strategies that act as underlying market differentiators and underscore true sustainable business impact.

Organisations that understand how to execute their strategic plan and, at the same time, craft innovative and swift responses to market disruption, are organisations that have cracked the code of change.

Duco Consultancy’s investment into India is very much part of their growth strategy in the Services Sector with a continued commitment to growth and investment well into the future. In the last 18 months, Duco Consultancy has invested $4 Million into two state-of-the-art delivery centers in India: one in Gurugram (8,000 sq. ft and 150 FTE) and another in Hyderabad (5,000 sq. ft and 50 FTE). They are committed to a further annual investment of $2.5 Million for the next four years to build an additional two delivery centers (15,000 sq. ft and 150 FTE). The centers in India supplement their near-shore delivery center in Fiji and onshore delivery centers in New Zealand, Australia and USA.

Duco Consultancy firmly believes they cannot afford to make ‘safe bets’ as these will likely leave opportunities and value on the table. Close cooperation with clients and leveraging India as an offshore delivery hub improves execution effectiveness. Furthermore, Duco Consultancy’s India delivery hub gives them the ability to execute their service offerings in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Program and Change, Architecture and Integration, Artificial Intelligence, Custom Application Development, Creative and Design, Management Consulting and Quality Assurance.

Duco Consultancy has a specific focus in industries like Retail, Distribution, Services, Government and Manufacturing, where they partner with key industry leaders like Oracle, Microsoft, Stibo, AWS, IBM and Atlassian to deliver fit for purpose solutions for their clients across the globe.

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