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Jeena Global Pty Ltd Strives to Transform Logistics and Supply Chain in Oceania

Jeena Global Pty Ltd is a group company of one of the leading logistics and supply chain players based out of India, Jeena & Company. With its base in Parramatta, Australia, the company offers transformative logistics and supply chain solutions to the Oceania tradelane.

Mr. Nari Katgara, Director, Jeena Global Pty Ltd

The parent company with a strong presence of more than 123 years, offers end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions to more than 320 places in India and 80 partner locations across the globe. Through specialized subsidiaries, they offer a customer-focused approach that serves a wide range of industries. With a goal to strengthen their position and expand in the international market, they ventured into opening their first international office in Australia. Their services have so far received a favourable response from the global market, and they have been successful in retaining some major clients and onboarding new ones. They have proved themselves successful in demonstrating to their foreign clients the enormous reach and incredible potential that India possesses as a source of transformative logistics solutions. They have a competitive advantage when working with multinational clients that have a wide range of partners to choose from because they are logistics architects with more than 123 years of domain expertise and experience.

Coming to their service portfolio, it’s enriched with a comprehensive range of services spanning the entire umbrella of logistics and supply chain. They handle air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, project logistics, door-to-door logistics, time and temperature-sensitive logistics, multimodal/intermodal logistics, contract logistics, transportation, and value-added services. Catering to a wide gamut of industries, Jeena Global Pty Ltd has special expertise in handling pharma shipments, food and beverage shipments, and textile shipments that are widely moved between the Oceania tradelane and India.

Mr. Nari Katgara who is the Director of Jeena Global Pty Ltd is the 5th generation leader of the founding family of Jeena & Company. He religiously emphasizes innovation and customer-focused approach as the keys to success. When asked how he is managing the customer-focused approach in international markets, he says, “You must be creative and trustworthy, provide the consumer personalization, and be adaptable if you want to take a customer-focused strategy. In today's day and age, customer experience is really important.

Businesses must go above and beyond what customers expect in order to earn their business and time. To deliver such a high-quality service, one should be knowledgeable about the client's trade routes, have up-to-date market rates and communicate them to the customer in advance, and comprehend the client's operation and minute particulars like the containers and commodities they use. In other words, being proactive goes a long way.”

Mr. Katgara has a meticulous way of putting forth the innovations he is bringing to the business. He adds, “I have innovation at the forefront of my mind and it needs an organization-wide effort. Any new idea must be thoroughly researched and understood by the market before implementation. A set of effective tactics is needed to organize, coordinate, and stimulate innovation. It is clear from closely examining the global market and customer demands that consumers value and expect innovation in terms of tailored services and technology. The customized SOPs we develop for certain clients have gotten very excellent feedback. In the industry, logistics operations are highly standardised, and the SOPs we offer give the customer a customized aspect.” He further threw light on a very crucial aspect of Jeena’s business, “I can say with great pride that the software on which our forwarding operations primarily rely was created in-house and meets or exceeds international standards. I wanted to make sure that this software is reliable and adaptable enough to fulfill our business needs both domestically and internationally. My team and I customized the software to ensure smooth business operations since my team in India manages the backend operations for Oceania’s businesses.”

As an international freight forwarder, Jeena intends to leave a mark everywhere. They plan to grow their operations and open branches across the globe because there are countless opportunities in the global market. In particular, Oceania has a lot of untapped potential and unexplored territory to offer. Since Jeena Global Pty Ltd is still in a nascent stage, they intend to first expand within Australia and New Zealand before exploring future international expansions.

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