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New Zealand business delegation to India: Ready for the next phase

India’s time has come and it is vital to New Zealand’s future. It will soon be the world’s third largest economy and probably won’t stop there. India already has the world’s largest population, with a deep pool of young people who are well educated and mobile. None of the large economies can match India’s rate of economic growth and none has the same potential for industry scale, the reshaping of consumer trends or altering the geopolitical balance. A full five percent of New Zealanders claim Indian heritage and they have done much to enrich our economic, cultural and sporting fabric. Many more come to study, visit and work. While there is much to celebrate, substantial work remains. New Zealand must get serious about the relationship and embark on a sustained trade and investment path. A business delegation is being organised of Kiwi businesses who want to work with India. If you are new to the India market or even if you have past experience and want to grow further, you are welcome to join this industry delegation. Dates: Sunday 27 August - Thursday 31 August, 2023 Place: New Delhi, India Please send your expression of interest via the form link below. NOTE:

  • Only one person per form is allowed to register. Please refresh this link and submit for another person.

  • There is no registration fee for the delegation or any selection criteria.

  • However, there may be a small management fee to cover local expenses of logistics. This will be conveyed at a later stage.

  • Delegates are free to make their own bookings for flights and stay. However, a hospitality partner will be appointed and conveyed to the final delegates to make bookings in the same hotel, if they so wish.

  • The organisers do not take any responsibility or guarantee for any last minute change of plans, due to any unforeseen circumstances, beyond our control.

  • The deadline for receiving expression of interest is Friday, 14th July 2023.

Click here to view the announcement brochure.

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